Durif 2021


In the 1860s the French botanist François Durif kept a vineyard with several grape varieties where he had planted both Peloursin and Syrah (Shiraz). At some point the two vines cross pollinated and Durif discovered a new grape variety growing in his vineyard, which is now named Durif after him. Our first Durif has been made using fruit from a Northern New South Wales vineyard.

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Online Orders

We only ship cases of wine, so please feel free to curate a dozen different bottles or stock up and get a case of a single vintage.  Single bottles are available for purchase directly from the Cellar Door.

Our Durif 2021 is made from grapes grown across the border in New South Wales and is a deep coloured and highly flavoured wine. With a palate of plum, cherry and chocolate it has well balanced oak and tannins to drive the flavours on. It is a young wine that will develop in the bottle and is a great accompaniment to casseroles and stews and other full flavoured dishes.

Shipping Details

Orders are delivered freight free to Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic and SA. Freight charges apply to other states.

Shipping is by the case only and therefore there is a minimum order of 12 bottles (except for Special Half Dozen) and total order must be divisible by a dozen.

This can be a mixed dozen.

Please contact us in store for further details or view our shipping page here.

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