The first wines of our 2021 Vintage have been released

We are well under way with the bottling of our 2021 vintage. 2021 has been a wonderful vintage and the wines are full flavoured fresh and varietal. So far we have bottled Verdelho 2021, Wild Ferment Pinot Gris 2021, Rosé 2021, Cabernet Shiraz 2021, Durif 2021, Light Horse Red 2021 and to end on fizz, our V Verdelho Bubbles 2021. All available now. Have a look at our “Trapped at Home Dozen”.

In February they were grapes and now, thanks to modern wine making techniques, they are wine!


Master of the dark arts of Verdelho

The 2021 wines look very promising and we are starting to bottle them, beginning with Verdelho, Pinot Gris  and Rosé. We hope to have them in the cellar door from Saturday 5th June.